Toyota CRYO RDT’s mission is to; 

  • To set the benchmark for engagement, inclusion and participation
  • To play an active role in the development of fair and competitive eSports

In full support of this vision, it is expected that all team members play a positive part in this. To ensure the team is true to this, it is important that all team members understand the expectations of being a Toyota CRYO RDT member, and how the team will maintain this through all its actions.

This Code of Conduct outlines those expectations.

All riders shall be made aware of and agree to  Zwift Terms of Service and the Zwift Cycling Esports Rules. It is also the responsibility of the rider to keep up-to-date regarding Zwift Terms of Service and Zwift Cycling Esports Rules. 

All riders shall be made aware of and agree to the “terms and conditions” as laid out by the organisers of races and competitions in which they are participating. 

1. Social Interaction / Social Media Rules

Interpretation of Social Media will be in the widest sense and will not be limited to Facebook / Facebook Messenger / Instagram / Discord, which although widely used by Toyota CRYO RDT are not the only social media platforms on which members of the team can be identified.

1.1 Respect everyone’s privacy – Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.

1.2 Be kind and courteous – We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. We treat everyone with respect.

1.3 No hate speech / bullying – Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading comments about topics such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

Toyota CRYO RDT will take a zero tolerance approach for behaviour which contravenes this position and reserves the right to immediately remove a team member in the case of a clear breach of section 1.3. In such circumstances any decision made will be the subject of a review to ensure its appropriateness.

1.4 Social Media Groups and Chat groups

  • Toyota CRYO RDT has set up a number of groups for team members to use to interact with each other. All these groups as such, are subject to this Code of Conduct, in order to protect all of our members and ensure we are inclusive.

1.5 Other interactions – Toyota CRYO RDT riders shall commit themselves to act as positive ambassadors of the team towards the Zwift cycling community and other platforms the riders are using. Team members shall not commit any act or do anything which might bring the Team / Team Sponsors into disrepute. All interactions with other Riders,  Teams, Zwift, ZwiftPower, ZADA or representatives of any other organisations within the Esports community whom they are interacting with as a representative of Toyota CRYO RDT shall be conducted in a professional manner which conforms to sections 1.1 – 1.3.

2.  Race and Event Rules

2.1  Toyota CRYO RDT will always participate in a spirit of fair play.

2.2   All Toyota CRYO RDT riders will be expected to exhibit respect for officials and the decisions they make with respect to the race or competition the rider is participating in. 

2.3  Toyota CRYO RDT wishes to build and promote good working relationships with other Zwift Teams / Organisers. Where team members wish issues (such as performance of other competitors etc) to be raised with organisers of Zwift events, they should bring such issues to the Management Team. Once all facts are established, and if deemed appropriate, the Management Team will raise these issues privately with the organisers of the event / Team Managers through the appropriate channels.

2.4   In-game team members will refrain from taking any actions, including use of language, that could be considered as threatening, bullying,  discriminatory or otherwise could be deemed abusive or cause offence to others.

2.5  Team members shall not attempt to tamper with equipment, modify any data recorded or otherwise use any mechanical or electronic devices that provide an unfair advantage/false results, such as but not limited to: motors, devices that alter equipment signals, devices that control the smart trainer resistance, devices that broadcast simulated data or devices that interfere with broadcast data.

2.6  Team members will enter their correct height and weight on the Zwift platform and ensure it is kept up to date. Members will not alter their height or weight for the purposes of obtaining an unfair advantage in any Zwift Race/Event. In circumstances where there is any doubt as to the correct weight/height of a team member which cannot be corroborated via data already held by Team Management, the member in question may be requested to re-verify such information. 

2.7   In cases where riders provide an online stream for races or competitions they will be expected to dress and behave decently.

2.8  Team members will not be permitted to be members of any other active Zwift only teams as designated on ZwiftPower.

2.9  In circumstances where a team member’s real life (IRL) team is also active on ZwiftPower it is permissible for members to also hold this tag team on ZwiftPower and change to this tag for those events in which their IRL team is taking part.

2.10  Where opportunities arise for members to assist other Zwift Teams for specific races / race series this will only occur with the knowledge of and permission of Team Management. 


3. Raising a Complaint / Appeals

3.1  All complaints received from Toyota CRYO RDT members will be treated in confidence, with sensitivity, and will be resolved as swiftly as possible. This may involve mediation between the relevant parties and / or further investigation.

3.2  The complainant and subject of any complaint must be made aware of the process that will be followed, and any possible sanctions that could follow.

3.3  Any appeal to the decision of any internal investigation must be raised within 48 hours of being notified of any outcome. This must be submitted in writing to the person who communicated the decision. During any appeal a member may be supported by a ‘friend’ not directly involved in the incident, its investigation or the decision to apply any sanction. 

3.4  All formal complaints made will be recorded, along with the resultant actions and sanctions, subject to GDPR / Data Protection regulations.

3.5  As per section 5.9 a dedicated email address will be available for submission of complaints.


4. Investigations / Breach of Rules and Sanctions

4.1  Toyota CRYO RDT reserves the right to immediately remove a team member in the case of a clear breach of any rules and regulations involving cheating or other such conduct. In such circumstances any decision made will be the subject of a review to ensure its appropriateness.

4.2  Where a team member’s performance in a race or event is called into question either by Management Team / Organisers / other Competitors, members of the internal Performance Verification Group will be asked to consider the matter. 

4.3  In the event a current member is the subject of any complaint, they may request the support of a ‘friend’ who is not directly involved in the incident or its investigation.

4.4  Where a request is made for a team member to supply further data or information the member will be required to supply this data within any reasonable period as specified. Failure to comply or discuss any requirements made may result in temporary or permanent removal from the team.

4.5  A confirmed breach of any of Toyota CRYO RDT rules / code of conduct will be considered by members of the Management Team as to sanctions required. This can include but is not limited to removal from admin / management roles and temporary or permanent removal from the team. 

4.6  Subject to any appeal, permanent removal from the team will be final and the member will not be eligible to rejoin at a future date. 


5. Transparency Policy

5.1  All riders should dual record all race performances.

5.2  All riders should maintain an Open Strava policy. 


We recognise there may be very specific situations such as safeguarding an individual or their privacy where this may not be appropriate. In these circumstances riders should communicate in confidence with Team Management.

We further recognise that on occasions riders may wish to keep private specific rides / metrics from specific rides. In such circumstances the reasons behind such decisions must be easily explainable if challenged.

All rides used for validation purposes must be publicly accessible with all metrics visible.

There is no requirement for team members to make public other activities which have no impact on Esports cycling such as swimming / running etc.

5.3  All riders must use their real name when competing in races or competitions for Toyota CRYO RDT

5.4  All team members must have in place data requirements as per Zwift Cycling Esports Rules & Regulations

These specifically include;

  • Outdoor efforts at; 5 – 15 Seconds, 1 Minute, 3 – 5 Minutes, 10 – 20 Minutes*
  • ZADA Power Test (Video Recorded) 
  • Height  and Weight Video Recordings (See 5.4)
  • All necessary fit files / photographs and details of equipment used.


    Where riders are not racing at the top level of Esports (due to illness / injury / personal circumstances / other commitments etc), the requirement to update data as outlined above may be delayed until such times as the team member resumes top level racing.

    We recognise that particularly in the Northern Hemisphere there will be periods of the year where updating of / or provision of new outdoor efforts may not be possible due to climatic conditions. In such circumstances these efforts should be carried out at the first available opportunity whenever climatic conditions allow.

    Where at all possible the Power Meter used for outdoor validation efforts should be the same device which is used regularly to dual record on Zwift.

    *10 – 20 Minute effort MUST contain sufficient data such that calculations applying basic physics such as vam could be made in conjunction with HR which would allow comparison to be made with similar efforts on Zwift.  – Where this is not possible due to the geographical location of the rider (suitable hills not accessible) other methods may be considered to provide sufficient data to allow for proper validation of riders. (Any such data used such as from laboratory tests etc will only be for the use of team management and will not be required to be made publicly available unless in exceptional circumstances and only then with the agreement of all parties concerned)

    This ride should be conducted on a road of at least +5% gradient using a road bike with road tyres. Riders should where possible record their weight on this date and ensure that their bikes do not carry excess weight (such as bike packing bags etc).  Any adverse conditions which may have a significant effect on such calculations such as strong winds etc should be noted with supporting evidence where appropriate.

    5.5  Where members are actively racing on Zwift / other Esports Platforms they should keep their weight updated accurately , and should provide a weigh in video  to the team upon request.

    5.6  All riders validation data will be peer assessed / checked by another team member before submission to team management / ZADA / Other Race Organisers 

    5.7  Team members must keep team management informed of any changes to or issues with equipment being used to broadcast power to Zwift / other Esports platforms or used for any outdoor validation of efforts.

    5.8  Internally Toyota CRYO RDT will adopt a culture where the free discussion of Esports performances / performance data of our own / other riders is supported.

    5.9  Toyota CRYO RDT will provide a dedicated email address to allow other team managers  / race organisers to raise concerns regarding team members’ performances. Any matter raised must be accompanied by supporting data or be such that it would be obvious to a reasonable person that there may be a matter which requires further investigation. Matters as above should be forwarded to performance@toyotacryordt.team

    5.10 Toyota CRYO RDT will set up an internal Performance Verification Group. Matters which require further consideration / investigation will in the first instance be referred to this group. Where expertise beyond the limitations of this group are required or there is a requirement for an additional level of transparency, independent advice from outside of the team may be sought if deemed appropriate.

    5.11  Where issues are raised which cannot be answered by other means, Toyota CRYO RDT will consider the use of suitable laboratory or other testing of riders at the team’s expense. This will be considered In circumstances where it could be reasonably expected that the results of these tests would prove useful in the decision making process during any investigation either internally or externally or to establish the validity of any data submitted. 

    5.12 Toyota CRYO RDT would support any Zwift initiative which provides for independent testing (such as Laboratory Testing) of riders riding at the Elite level of Esports.

    5.13  Toyota CRYO RDT will apply a Zero Tolerance policy to cheating in Esports / Real Life Racing;

    • Members under investigation either internally or by  ZADA / WADA / other recognised sports governing bodies. will not be eligible for team selection. On receipt of an official decision to uphold a complaint and issue any ban to that rider, the members position in the team will be terminated with immediate effect.
    • Toyota CRYO RDT will not knowingly accept as team members, riders who are currently / previously been the subject of any ban by (but not limited to)  ZADA / UCI / National Federations or other recognised sports governing bodies. 
    • Toyota CRYO RDT does not support the use of performance enhancing substances of any type. Toyota CRYO RDT will not knowingly accept as team members riders who are currently / previously sanctioned by WADA / Official cycling or other recognised sports governing bodies for any such offence.

    Toyota CRYO RDT will enforce the above policy to the best of their knowledge and capacity.

    v 1.0  Jan 2023