” Formed in April 2020 as CRYO RDT (Race & Development Team), the team boasts a multi-national men’s and women’s squads that compete at the highest level on Zwift, a multiplayer online cycling and running platform that enables users to interact, train and compete in a virtual world.

Since its inception CRYO RDT has become a major force in the eSports arena competing against well established and professional teams on the same level. The vision is built on a ‘community based’ team where riders support one another and assist with other roles within the team when not selected to race. Ultimately the goal is to race hard but still have fun doing it.

Toyota CRYO RDT provides a supportive and nurturing environment to their elite riders, working with them to help balance their sporting ambitions with their real world situations. Focusing on challenging the norms of over-focus on weight, achievement at all costs, and pushing riders to and past their physical and mental limits, the team prioritises competing fairly and transparently and places their development and support above the goal of ensuring the team wins at all costs.

All active riders on our team are required to comply with all aspects of the Zwift Esports Rules. This means they must be able to record power both via their Smart Trainer and a separate Power Meter during races. put in place outdoor rides to verify indoor performances, record height and weight verification videos and video record themselves carrying out ZADA Power test. All these requirements must be met before a rider can become a team member. We will occasionally allow riders to ‘Guest ‘ ride without some of these requirements in order to evaluate their performance with a view to them joining the team.

Most recently the team competed in the Zwift Knockout series, an exciting new format of short course racing which replaced the ZRL premier Division.

In this inaugural tourement the women’s team made it to the Semi Final where they were eliminated by eventual finalists Saris Nopinz.

The men were strong throughout the competition and made it to the final where they were resounding winners over Saris Hexagone winning all 3 races.

Toyota CRYO RDT Men’s team are also considered one of the world’s top time trial teams with numerous victories in the WTRL TTT’s which has at times  attracted in excess of 800 teams per week.

Recently both the men’s and women’s teams applied for and were selected to participate in the brand new Zwift elite Rrace series Zwift Grand Prix. An exciting new format which was developed from the Zwift Knockouts which will run from Sept 2022 to March 2023.

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